Wednesday, May 29, 2013


After quilting all the stitch-in-the-ditch areas, and outlining all the lovely designs that were provided by the panel, I still had 4 larger areas of unquilted polka dots to consider.  Since this panel quilt had numerous animals, I decided to add a few more.

I began with a cat and a dog.

Just in case you think I'm artistic, I found the line drawings in a book called "250 Continuous-Line Quilting Designs" by Laura Lee Fritz 

Then came a long-horn steer and his companion, the horse.

They were joined by a pig and two goats!

And the final area hosted a sheep and a ram.
 Since my only remaining colour of polka dots was yellow, and I planned to use it for a final border and binding,  I decided to try the "unstuffed, piped binding", that I read about on the internet.  This is applied to the back of the quilt, then folded to the front and stitched in the ditch by machine.  It was only a little more work than regular binding, and saved time by machine vs hand sewing.

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