Friday, May 10, 2013


I decided to report my hexie progress each Friday.  DH and I catch up on our TV watching in the evenings, and I stitch the whole time.  My friends and family know that if I'm sitting, I'm stitching.

I took one of my last remaining Canadian pennies out of my wallet to show the size of each hexie - the flash made it shine!  It almost covers one hexagon.  I'm glad I like the fairy frost fabric, as I've been making tons of light blue hexagons to assemble the blocks into rows!
 This is my progress as of the morning of May 10.  The top row was assembled, then had a long join.  This time, I'm joining each unit as it is completed, and taking the papers out as I go along.  It helps to break up the different tasks.  Today, I'll be sewing more light blue hexies!


  1. Oh my hexies! That is beautiful. I think you must be making the same size as I am - half inch. Thanks for sharing and linking to It's Hexie Friday. So many great hexie projects out there.

  2. What wonderful hexies!! I've never seen that top design. Thanks for playing with us on Fridays.

  3. awesome! sure are tiny pieces.

  4. OMGosh I love these. Especially the top design. You have inspired me.

  5. Fantastic.Love your design.Happy sewing!

  6. Wonderful.I love your hexie work.
    Grit from germany


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