Thursday, May 9, 2013


DH's sister and her husband came for a short visit yesterday.  She brought along a quilt top, batting, backing fabric and some for the binding.   She had made this disappearing 9-patch quilt over the winter (she takes quilting classes at her local community centre), but needs it finished quickly to be gifted as a wedding present.

This morning I cut strips and prepared the binding, then stitched the backing fabric together and pressed it well.  Now I'm in the process of pin basting.  With my small table, I have to move the quilt to baste the whole thing, and then roll it up to do the next areas.  I've found that this is a 2 person job, and DH is off helping some friends paint their dining room, living room, kitchen and bathroom today.  He spent Tuesday there as well, so I'll have to wait until he gets home tonight to roll and move the quilt so I can finish the pin-basting.
I use the time while I'm pin-basting, to think of different ways to quilt each project.  Some take more thinking than others!  I have 2 stencils that I may use in alternate blocks.  The next problem will be to find a thread that shows well against all the different colours!
I must say I enjoy each challenge.....

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