Sunday, May 15, 2011


Used this week       0 yds
Used year to date   104.3 yds
Added this week     0 yds
Added year to date 32.375 yds
Net used 2011         71.925 yds

I completed a top and pieced the backing and the binding, but it is on a hanger waiting its turn at being quilted.  Then I spent more time making blocks that will have hand applique added over the summer.
I did managed to quilt two quilts for my guild's community quilts program, but they were made by someone else, so don't really count against my stash!
Since Ontario has adapted the "time of use" billing for electricity, my weekends are spent baking, cooking and doing laundry! (weekends are at the lowest rate).  Did most of the week's laundry yesterday, but finishing up today.   DS2 made 4 loaves of whole wheat bread as well.  This morning, I made dough for 4 loaves of spicy fruit bread, cooked the family favourite, chicken wings in mushroom sauce, (a slow simmer recipe), mixed up the meatloaf for dinner and DS2 made a tomato soup cake.  My cooking decisions are made depending on the power usage.  Anything that takes time in the oven, or requires a long cooking time has to be made on the weekends.  My family has already made all the cuts we can to our electric usage, so all the "time of use" billing has done is to almost double our electric bill!
This afternoon I'm picking up a friend and heading for a quilt show in Napanee.  The guild there is only a few years old, and this is their second show.  It will be good to see how they have progressed.

Check out everyone's progress at Judy's blog.

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  1. Hope you have a great time at the quilt show. It is always fun to see what other quilters have made. "The time of use" billing seems like it would cause most folks to use electricity on the weekends which could cause an overload - sorry your bill has doubled. Sounds like you had a busy week quilting.


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