Monday, May 30, 2011


I only knit occasionally, usually when I have a good reason, like a new baby in the family.  My nephew and his wife are expecting, so I headed to my local yarn shop to find some fingering weight baby yarn.  All the local chain stores carry sport or double knitting weight, and since I inherited by Mother's collection of knitting books, I prefer to use the vintage patterns.

The first set is from a Beehive book from the late 70's, called Leaf and Lace Set for 3 months size.  I love the texture that the pattern provides for the body of the sweater.
 The second set is called Baby's Eyelet Coat and Bonnet in a 6 month size.  The pattern is from one of my Mother's books, called "Beehive for Bairns Volume 3".  I remembered this pattern, as my Mother knit a set for my first baby, who is now in his early 40's!

Now to change the channel, and get back to quilting!

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  1. Oh my goodness...what a flashback to see these sweaters! I made the leaf and lace for my daughter 20 years ago....I love it!


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