Monday, May 23, 2011


I finished the hand appliques on block 1 of "Pushin up Spring".  I used the back  basting method, drawing the design in reverse on the back of the block.  This seems to give me very accurate applique pieces.  I hand stitched the edges, using silk thread.  I have a collection of around 6 colours from white to black with different shades of neutrals in between, and this thread just disappears into the fabric.  Now off to select fabric for the next block.
Check out what others are working on at Judy's blog.


  1. Stunning! And I think "Proficient Needle" is a very appropriate name for your blog. I'm not familiar with "back basting method" but, because of you, I'm going to check it out. Toni

  2. I love using the silk thread for appliqué. I think you show amazing restraint ... for a while I was collecting those little spools like candy and picking up one or two whenever I went to the quilt shop.

    Your flowers are delightful!

  3. Beautiful design and colors! Love your header drawing too.


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