Thursday, May 12, 2011


My life seems to get busier every day!   I'm cutting the pieces for a dozen appliqued blocks - they have a scrappy pieced frame with applique in the centre.  I found some white on white fabric that I have tons of, for the light, and have been cutting up my 2 1/2 inch strips into parts for the scrappy piecing.
I still have many more squares and triangles to cut before I begin to cut the background fabric!

DS2 will be moving to Kitchener-Waterloo in July, and he is beginning to pack.  During his almost 3 years with us, his belongings have migrated to spots all over the house, so it is interesting trying to remember them all..  When he arrived, all of his boxes were unpacked, then repacked for storage in the garage, since we had limited space.  Now they all have to be opened and re-packed, ready for the moving truck!  He is planning to make an inventory of all his things as well, so lots of extra hands are needed.

He inherited a coffee table from his older brother, but it had seen better days.  DH and I have come up with a plan to make it better, and more useful.  It has a glass insert, so DH is making a box underneath, lit with a rope light, so it can be used as a display space.  He is also making a base for the table, and we purchased 6 baskets to fit underneath for extra storage.  We found a "hammered metal finish" spray paint in a brownish colour, so once the table is re-built, it will be painted.  All of this took many trips to different stores, and lots of discussions about sizes, colours etc.

A neighbour has been cleaning out his Mother's home (she is in a nursing home and not doing well).  DH rescued a small desk from the discard pile, and it has been sanded, primed, and is getting a coat or two of hunter green paint as well.  It has 6 drawers as well as a shallow drawer in the center, and could be used in the bedroom or as a work desk.  Since DS2 and his girlfriend haven't found an apartment yet, we'll see what they need and where it might fit.

We have been trying to make a trip to visit DH's sister, as we have birthday gifts to deliver for 2 of her grandsons, one of which is already a month late!  Since it is supposed to rain on Friday, DH won't be heading out to do some roofing, so we are hoping to make the trip then.  

Our friends' niece has bought a new home, but it needs a new roof.  Her Dad has offered to pay for the materials, and he, her uncle, DH and another friend are providing the volunteer labour.  The shingles and roofing paper etc., are being delivered this afternoon, so they are heading out to load them onto the roof.


  1. Susan, that white on white looks like the painted type, please try a sample applique shape on it before you cut it up. You won't be sorry!

  2. It is so good to have support people in our lives.


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