Tuesday, May 31, 2011


I've always been fascinated with Drunkard's Path blocks, and found a pattern, using polka dot fabric to make a miniature Drunkard's Path quilt!  I've been hunting for 1 inch polka dots in opposite colours (eg. red with white dots and white with red dots), for a while, and when I found them, it was usually only available in one colourway.  The polka dot fabric also has to have enough background around each dot to cut the blocks.
On my trip to Kitchener-Waterloo, I found the right colourways, but only in 3/4 inch dots. 
So here is how I drafted a template to cut the small blocks.
I began by drawing a 3/4 inch circle.  I used my perfect circle templates to do this, but chose one a bit smaller than 3/4 inch to compensate for the ink line.  Then I drew a vertical line through the centre of the circle, then another at right angles to the first.
When I check the original pattern, the distance from the edge of the quarter circle was half the partial diameter.  The quarter circle was 3/8 inch, so I added another 3/16 inch to the left of the circle.  That made the finished block size 9/16 inch.  I then add the 1/4 inch seam allowance to all four sides which made the cut size  1 1/16 inch square.
I made a second template and taped it to the corner of my small ruler, using this to help line up the corner on each polka dot.  With my fabric, I found I could only cut every other row of dots.
  These are the two blocks that are needed to make the quilt.  I made stacks of pieces, and then made up the simple 4-patch blocks.  These two blocks alternate to make the quilt top.  There are 12 of one block and 13 of the other.
 Here is my finished quilt top.  Mine ended up at 10 1/2 inches square.  I didn't have any fabric the matching shade of blue for a border, but pulled this great dotty fabric from my stash.  I added tiny yellow piping , using the "Piping Hot Binding" method.  It will finish with yellow binding as well.
Now I have to find other drunkard's path variations to play with more polka dots!


  1. Very interesting, I've never seen that done or even thought about it. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Susan, that's adorable! I'd heard of using polka dots for this, but I've never actually seen it done. Great job! :)


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