Friday, May 27, 2011


DH and I, along with DS2, hit the road on Tuesday afternoon and headed for Kitchener.  DS2 and girlfriend went apartment hunting today, while DH and I headed to St. Jacobs to look at the various "quilt shows" in the small town.  Some were free exhibits, others charged a small fee, but all were wonderful. 

I did pick up 3 wonderful panels for baby quilts, as they are always needed by our community quilts program. 
On Saturday, they hold the giant Mennonite Relief quilt auction , and there is a Friday preview of the quilts, with a fair with activities for the family, along with craft sales, great food etc.  Unfortunately, this year we had to return home before the auction.

They did find an apartment, and handed in their application this morning.  They both looked a little "shell shocked" at lunch, as it is finally feeling real - they will be moving in together in July, and plan to get married in the near future!  They've been talking and planning for several months.  DS2 left a couple of resumes with places in town, then kissed his best girl good-bye, and we returned home this afternoon.  Too bad we don't live closer - 4+hours on a good day.

At least this will encourage a more dedicated effort to group all his things and do some serious packing, as he is still working to finish his internship before he can move away.
We are happy for him, but will miss his company greatly.  I even tossed out the idea of moving closer to both sons, but don't think it will happen, as I'd have to make some serious cuts in my quilt supplies, and I can't see myself going back to having a small sewing space again. 

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  1. Too bad you missed the quilt was fabulous! I didn't get to most of the shows I wanted to see, but will still try to get to the ones that have extended exhibitions.


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