Monday, September 9, 2013


My guild sponsored a quilt day to make quilts for the flood victims.  My brain went on holiday, as I got busy with some errands, and I didn't remember until 3:30!  I hopped into the car and arrived in time to see the final 4 participants packing quilts, as well as all their stuff.  I asked if there was any quilts that could finish and turn in quickly.
I was give this brown rail fence - already pin-basted and partially quilted, along with the prepared binding and label. 
 I continued with the echo quilting in the darkest areas, stitched leaves in the lightest, and a scroll in the medium brown areas.
Next was a whole cloth quilt.  The top fabric was printed with alphabet letters, school houses, cats, apples - a very busy print.
I began quilting by stitching a large X from corner to corner.  Then I attached the quilting guide to my machine, and stitched a chevron designs, with the lines 2 inches apart. The plaid fabric for the back was also used to make binding.
 The final project had a top area stitched together - just squares in turquoise, yellow, and yellow and soft green prints.  I thought it needed to be wider, and the person who had started the quilt had pieced some various width strips together.  Luckily I was given all the cut up fabric, as well as some of the darker turquoise for the back.  I added pieced strips to each side, and also to each side of the backing to make the quilt a good size.
 I don't often use solid fabrics, so I quilted large flowers in each of the solid squares, and a clover design in the rest of the blocks.  The two border areas have looping vines, with heart-shaped leaves and the occasional flower.

It was a fun challenge to get the quilts ready to hand in on Tuesday, and DH was great!  He did the grocery shopping, cooked all the meals, and did the dishes so I could concentrate on finishing these quilts.  They'll be shipped to the distributing group in Calgary this week!

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