Saturday, September 14, 2013


We had a great visit with our cousins in Tweed yesterday.  Wonderful catching up and sharing all the family news.
April & Melody raise alpacas on their farm.  This is the newest member of the herd, just 5 days old!
Here, its getting a hug! 

They show their animals and have won many ribbons.  DH took pictures of the "girls".  

They have the alpacas sheared in the spring, then have the fleeces spun into yarn - some mixed with wool.  Some is kept in its natural colour - they range from white to black, with many in-between brownish shades.  Some is dyed.  They have one Suri alpaca, and they keep the fleece separate from the rest - the yarn feels like silk!

I wish I was a better knitter - they are looking for people to knit for them - they don't have time!


  1. Oh, Susan, how adorable that baby is! Alpaca is such lovely yarn. Most wool makes me itch, so alpaca is something I've used a few times — and totally fallen in love with. :)

  2. What a sweet baby!! I've never been around alpacas but would love to have the for the yarn but it's just too hot and dry here.

  3. What a cute little thing.....always fun around them!


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