Monday, September 23, 2013


I had intended to work on this when we are south for the winter, but had to do a bit more.  I added the light gold satin body to the quilt top, then layered it with the wash-away stabilizer, held with dots of washable glue stick.  I stitched the outlines and markings, along with antennae and legs with a dark gold mylar thread.  The pink areas are the drawn lines in Frixion ink that will be stitched in a lighter gold mylar thread.  The background fabric size was just "eyeballed" with the dragonfly drawing placed on top, but after measuring it, it is 22 x 31 inches.  I haven't decided if I'll add any borders - that decision is down the line.  I really need to put this away and concentrate on projects to take south, but it keeps whispering my name........

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We had a lovely visit with our son and his wife - they are good cooks, and fed us well.  Saturday evening we went to see Whoopie Goldberg, and laughed along with a full house!  There was even a question and answer period following her monologue.  
They are saving for a down payment so they can buy a house.  Of course, they've been attending open house days and checking listings in the area they would like to live.  Unfortunately, they found the perfect home - just a 5 minute walk to work for my son, (he doesn't drive), but they are not ready to buy just yet.  Must be Murphy's Law!  They intend to tighten their belts again, and concentrate on saving, so they don't miss another opportunity.  They have already paid for their airfare to Florida, and we'll be treating for food and some entertainment while they are visiting.  Good thing that neither one of them likes to shop!

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  1. Your dragonfly is shaping up nicely, Susan. I can see how it calls to you.


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