Friday, September 13, 2013


I managed  to finish 19 of the 32 small flower units to finish the centre of the quilt.  Most of my hand-sewing time was spent on bindings for the final 3 quilts heading to Calgary.  I also attended our community quilts workshop on Tuesday, and brought another finished top home, along with some backing fabric, so I've been busy finishing that one, as well.

Today DH and I are heading to Tweed to visit our cousins, who raise alpacas.  They hardly ever leave their small farm, and we decided to make it a good visit.  DH's sister and cousin, along with their husbands are also coming, along with his long-lost cousin, so it should be a great afternoon.

Yesterday, with DH's help, we baked a tomato soup spice cake, cherry brownies (with dried cherries), and onion French bread, along with an antipasto pasta salad.  We'll probably have enough food for 100 people, as everyone is bringing something!

Off to pack up the goodies, and hit the road to scenic Tweed!


  1. Hexies are look great as always. Hope you have a wonderful trip. The spice cake sounds very interesting.

  2. You're doing it so well. Hope to see all of it soon.


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