Sunday, September 2, 2012


I have nothing to report - nothing used, nothing added!

Check out others' progress this week at Judy's blog!

DH and I had a super busy, but confusing week.  Every day something came up to change our plans.  I did manage to sew a bit - got my triangle twist quilt top layered and began quilting.  I also finished the next part of the Christmas Wish quilt from Red Brolly.

Friday, our Godson with his Dad and older sister arrived in Kingston.  She will be attending Queen's university to study engineering.  She had applied to Royal Military College, but wasn't selected this year.  Their first stop was at the local recruiting centre to have her file transferred to Kingston for another application for next year.  Then she stopped by the house where she will be living this year to pick up her key.  They spent the rest of the day with us.  DH took them on a tour of the campus, so she could find the buildings where her classes are scheduled.  Then they stopped at the Prison Museum on the way back.  Kingston has a long history of local prisons - there are many in the surrounding area.  They have used the "Warden's house" at the first prison to keep a collection of memorabilia - everything from weapons confiscated from prisoners, to early punishment items, and a replica cell.  The kids enjoyed the visit.
We had seafood etouffe (sp?) for dinner (recipe from DS2's friend), and spent the evening playing board games.
Saturday DH and I ran around town completing errands that weren't done during the week.  They managed to get the student items into her room and roughly unpacked, then out to pick up some groceries.  Then off to the campus book store so she could begin to pick up her books, while Dad was there to transport them in the car.  We received a call as they were heading to a local restaurant for dinner, so we joined them.  They mentioned wanting to go to a movie, so after a quick stop at our place to check on movie times, and so DH could print our 2 free movie vouchers (bonus from a hotel chain we frequent) we made it to the 8pm show of ParaNorman!   Enjoyed by all ages!
Our intrepid student is planning to complete her shopping today, and has her first assembly at the university at 4:30 this afternoon, and then she is on her own for her next great adventure!
It has been a tough summer for our Godson - they moved from Winnipeg to Ottawa, he'll be off to a new school with new kids, and his sister and good friend is off to university!  He's struggling a bit with all the changes, but I'm sure he'll settle down once school begins.  Its the lot of military families.......
Hopefully, I'll find time to do some more quilting this afternoon.......

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