Saturday, September 8, 2012


Just because we felt like it!  
I made my stuffing with sausage meat, celery and onions, and the cranberry sauce is chilling in the refrigerator (made in the microwave).
DH peeled potatoes this morning, and prepared the turnip (rutabaga), by peeling and dicing.  This time we're just having it boiled and mashed with some butter and brown sugar.  We still have to prepare the green beans (from our little garden), that have been producing finally, since we've had some rain and some cooler nights.

I'm making a cherry cobbler for dessert - DH's favourite!  We found a pail of tart, pitted cherries at the market, so I froze them into containers that have enough for either a cobbler or a pie.  The topping for the cobbler is partly prepared ( dry ingredients mixed and butter cut in, and wet ingredients in the refrigerator).

I always make giblet gravy, so the giblets are simmering with water and an onion, and will be whirled in the blender later to add to the turkey drippings.

I've been using the "foil wrapped" method of roasting a turkey lately.  The bird is prepared as usual, then completely sealed in foil before being place in a shallow roasting pan.  It cooks in a 450F oven, but a 12 pound bird cooks in about 3 hours.  All the drippings stay in the foil, and I use them to make gravy.

Our new university student, Kim, will be joining us for dinner.  She's been enjoying "frosh week", but the weather is windy and rainy today, so some of the activities are cancelled.  I'll be sending her home with some leftovers for next week!

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