Monday, September 17, 2012


My design wall is empty, except for the Christmas Wish blocks from Red Brolly - waiting for the next installment!  I hate waiting, which is why I normally collect all the parts for the project before beginning.....

I'm still trying to decide whether to begin another project, or make my kits for the winter.  For the last two years, I've packed up fabric, along with patterns, to make some of the quilts on my wish list.  Of course, I start other projects while in Florida for the winter, but it is a great feeling to use some of my stash - I have little room for storing fabric in our southern home, so if I don't bring it along, I have to go shopping.

After completing the two "space" quilts, I took some time to straighten my sewing room.  Since my "kids" are coming on Thursday night for a 3 day stay, I spent the weekend baking bread, (whole wheat, white and cinnamon fruit varieties,) and making soup, so I don't spend all the hours in the kitchen while they are visiting.

We went to our friends' place on Sunday and came home with some great green and red peppers, a bag of fresh beets and the beets tops from the rest of the beets that they were harvesting.  My family loves greens, and beet greens are no exception.  I cooked some and after draining well, I stored them in small freezer bags to have for future dinners.  I also made some pasta fagioli that calls for spinach, but tasted yummy with the sliced beet leaves.  It made a great dinner along with some fresh bread!

I hope everyone else has more interesting design walls than I do -  check it out at Judy's blog!


  1. Beets? have never been a fan of them. I love the embroidery you've shown. I find I like to do it again but haven't got the time right now to start one. I've got two yarn projects in the works and won't start something else until they are done.

  2. You're doing a lovely job on the Red Brolly Wish stitchery!! :)


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