Monday, April 30, 2012


This is laid out on my design floor!  I finished the 48 blocks of half log cabins, and after playing with EQ7, decided on this layout.  I have sewn the seams in one direction, and the others are pinned, but I haven't finished them yet.

Sunday we headed off to Kitchener for the final wedding dress fitting.  This is the first time the bride has seen the dress completed except for the hem, and she was really excited.  I pinned the lining hem up out of the way before heading out, and was able to find a good length and pin the hem.  She practiced walking in the floor length dress, and had no problems with her shoes/hem.  Her shoes have a buckle on the side and a decoration on the top, and I wanted to avoid any small catches on either.  We had a good visit, and DH took DS2 out to pick up some groceries before we left, while I had a lovely chat with the bride, who is fighting a cold.  I also found a solution to the "something borrowed, something blue" tradition (she already has the something old and something new).  I hunted through my dresser and found some old hankies that had been given to me by my Grandmother.  One had some blue embroidery, so it will fit the bill!

We made a short stop in Toronto, to check out some items at a kitchen shop, then had another uneventful trip home - 12 hours door to door.  Good thing DH doesn't mind the drive!

Today I'll be back in wedding dress mode.  I also want to make her a small drawstring bag, using leftover satin and lace, so she can carry some essentials on the big day. 

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  1. Great Woodpile quilt...a pattern I've made many times!

  2. Great layout for your half log cabin blocks. It is such a versatile pattern.

  3. very pretty quilt and I love the colors in it. Great job on the wedding dress too. I am sure the bride is just thrilled. A bag is a great idea with the scraps.

  4. MMMM yes - I love that layout!!

  5. Wonderful use of scraps - my kind of quilt!



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