Friday, April 13, 2012


We started our day with a leisurely breakfast, then headed out to explore.  Our first stop was at Hauck Garden.

We missed the daffodils, bit the azaleas were blooming, and everything was so lush and green!
 Our next stop was the Cincinnati Art Gallery.  They are restoring this old building to incorporate it into the newer building.

DH was interested in the architecture of the building.  The art was amazing, and we had a wonderful visit.  There was a choir singing in a two story hall and the sound was amazing.  There were also many school groups visiting, and it was great to see the enthusiasm in all the kids.

  Our final stop before heading to the quilt show, was the Krohn Conservatory.  The rain forest was lush and green and the misters were working overtime!

The waterfall was adding to the moisture in the atmosphere.  There were silvery water droplets on all of the leaves.

Then we made a visit to the orchids - I'm always amazed at the variety!

Finally we went to the desert area, with wonderful cactus, agave and other succulent plants of all description.

One of the large areas was closed as they were preparing for the butterfly exhibit that will be opening soon.


  1. You post such gorgeous photos, Susan! :)

    1. I have to give DH all the credit - he loves taking pictures everywhere we go!
      I love having a digital camera - no film or processing to pay for!


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