Sunday, April 1, 2012


No news is good news?

Used this week 0 yards
Used year to date  67.675 yards
Added this week  0 yards
Added year to date  101.875 yards
Net used 2012    -34.25 yards

I've had another busy week with almost no sewing!!!!!!
Our Godson, Liam, was visiting in the Orlando area this week with his parents and his older (middle) sister.  The eldest is working on her Masters degree at U Guelph Ontario.
On Monday we went to visit them, had a tour of their digs, lunch and shopping.  Tuesday was a busy day at the Disney Studios at Walt Disney World.  We left at 8am and returned home at 11 pm.
Wednesday was my day off for quilting, but the co-op board decided to hold a meeting, and we weren't allowed to use the clubhouse.  Disappointing, as for a couple of the members it was their last day before they were departing for parts north.
Thursday we were on the road bright and early, with a trip to Legoland.  The Lego displays were awesome, and there were lots of pieces of Cypress Gardens left to enjoy.  There were many "hands on" places for lovers of Lego.  Liam was at the top of the target age group, but he had a great time.
Friday we were off to Epcot Center.  Another hot and humid day, but we had a good time enjoying the rides and entertainment, we had a great lunch in "Japan", at the Teppan Edo Restaurant, and everyone drank lots of water.  Didn't stay for the "Illuminations" show, as everyone was worn out.
Saturday we were up bright and early, out shopping and enjoyed a relaxing afternoon playing a board game, while the thunderstorm passed overhead.  It was clear in time for our barbecue at the neighbours' place, and we ate too much great food, laughed and chatted while DH and a friend serenaded us on their guitars!
Today, I'm trying to get things back to "normal".  I have the dough rising for 4 loaves of cinnamon raisin fruit bread.  I'm also gradually moving all my sewing things into the house in preparation for packing.
DH has to pack up the garden railway this week.  All the buildings and accessories have to be cleaned and sprayed for bugs before being stored in my "sewing room" under the carport.  It can be a big job, especially in the heat, but he usually does it a bit every day.
I have to dig out all the items that have to be packed for our return trip north.  I pack the bins, suit bags, duffles etc., and DH magically fits it all into the van, along with 3 guitars, golf clubs, 2 sewing machines etc., etc., etc.,   Fortunately, we don't travel with too many clothes - just enough for the days on the road.  We usually take our time and see some sights along the way.
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