Thursday, April 5, 2012


This is another project that was put on the back burner for a while.  While visiting Arizona several years ago, DH and I saw a wonderful baby tree of life quilt in a shop, and DH insisted I buy the pattern, designed by Chris Bubany for Dream On Productions, Tucson AZ.
I chose fabrics from my stash, but of course, didn't start working on it until a few days ago.  I spent my TV watching time preparing all the applique shapes, and decided to stitch the tree and pot onto the background fabric.
 I prefer using the back basting method, but it was difficult transferring the pattern onto the black background.  Instead, I used some wash away stabilizer for the shapes, and used a wash away glue stick to turn the edges to the back.  I stitched all the small parts to each shape, so that I only have to stitch around each shape when attaching them to the background.
As you can see, I love using bright colours on dark backgrounds, and I can hardly wait to begin the embroidered details on each shape.  I am doing the applique stitching with silk thread, as I find it disappears into the fabric.  I use 4 dark to light neutral colours, along with black and white rather than thread matching each fabric.
I plan on stitching each evening on our trip north.  I don't know if I can control the stitches well enough to stitch in a moving car!


  1. That's going to turn out darling, Susan. Look forward to seeing your progress on it. And thanks for linking to Applique Tuesday so all can see your cute project.


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