Saturday, April 14, 2012


DH and I had fun at the Cincinnati Quilt Show!  Here's the entrance to the convention center.

They had this quilt with banner set up by the entrance, and even provided a volunteer to take pictures with your camera.  We decided to let the quilt do all the talking.

This project was made by local quilters, with each panel depicting a favourite place in Cincinnati.  It continues in the next picture.

 This sign was displayed over 2/3 of the quilt displays, so we only have a few more pictures of the quilts on display.  I will say that they were mostly "art" quilts, and I missed the more traditional quilts.  
The "art" quilts were 
wonderful and very creative.

I picked up a few spools of thread at the Superior booth - I had already placed 2 large orders over the winter.  I also got some extra bobbins for my Juki.  Other than that, I did little shopping, although I did do lots of touching and drooling!

We left the area and headed north with a few stops along the way.  We'll cross the border into Canada tomorrow, and have a quick visit with DS2 and future DIL along the way.  (I have to get the measurements for the wedding dress).  Hopefully, I'll be sleeping in my own bed tomorrow night!


  1. Thanks for the show update. I'm sorry they would not let you take more pictures. Soon you will be in your home away from home. I enjoyed your travel log along the route. One day I'd love to do something similar.

  2. Oops, I forgot to mention that you are nominated for the coveted Liebster Award. Check out the particulars on my blog post this morning. Your blog always inspires me, so keep up the good work.


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