Thursday, May 3, 2012


It was fun greeting old friends at the Limestone Quilters Guild meeting last night.  Heading south for the winter has its drawbacks, and missing all the fun and friendship at the guild is one of them.

Our quilt show is quickly approaching, so there were lots of sign-up sheets.  They still need volunteers for the lunchroom, white glove etc.  There were also sign-up sheets for 4 different workshops.  Two will be held on the show weekend.
Then there was the sign-up for providing sweets, bars, cookies, loaves, to be used as desserts in the lunch room.
This was followed by sign-ups for our annual spring luncheon in June!

They also had the acceptance letters for all the quilt entries.  They were able to accept all the quilts that were entered - my hats are off to the show designers - plus the fact that we are in a new venue this year!!!!

I'm planning to get back to work on one of the large quilts that I basted before heading home this spring.  Then tomorrow, I'll begin preparing my quilts for the show.  Have to add a hanging sleeve, make a cloth bag for each, add tags to the ones that will be for sale, etc.  They are very particular about the way the quilt is folded, so that it gets minimal handling when it is being hung at the show.  I also have to find small rods to hang my wall hanging entries.  

Off to sew!

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  1. Sounds like you will be very busy for a while. We just finished a quilt show in March that one of my guilds has every other year. I know it's a big job, but well worth the time. Can't wait to see some of your entries (hope you will share after or before the show.)


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