Wednesday, May 30, 2012


 We are still celebrating spring in southern Ontario, although we've had some very hot and humid days.

Most of my irises are of the purple, blue variety, but this rust one is my favourite.  While the others spread fairly quickly, this one is slow growing, but the few flowers are well worth the wait.

I planted a clematis vine to grow on a trellis so that it would hide our air conditioner unit.  The original vine has flowers mostly near the bottom - doubles that will eventually look like a powder puff.
Since this plant was very slow growing, I planted a second clematis of the same colour, but only large single flowers.
Now it has become a wonderful spring show in the garden.  I think it will get a serious pruning in the fall...

Since we live in a townhouse, I only have a small garden in the front and back, but try to cram in as much colour as possible.  I have lots of perennials, but also add some annuals for extra colour.
The bonus of having a small garden is the time it takes to care for it, although keeping the soil moist is a challenge.  Our community is automatically on water restrictions from June until September.  During the past week, all the large lawn areas in the complex changed from lush green to brownish yellow.  Since there is a ban on weed killer, the dandelions have taken over in force!


  1. Your flowers look beautiful!!!!

  2. That is the most beautiful clematis I've seen in quite some time. Mine has not had more than 3 or 4 flowers at one time. What am I doing wrong?? I'll have to show you what mine looks like now. I've never pruned it, so maybe that's the problem. Lots of vines and leaves, hardly any flowers. I'd give anything if mine looked like yours.


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