Sunday, May 20, 2012


Used this week 0 yards
Used year to date  89.675 yards
Added this week  0 yards
Added year to date  108.875 yards
Net used 2012    -19.25 yards

I've kept busy adding labels and hanging sleeves to my 6 entries for the Quilts Kingston 2012 show, June 8, 9 & 10.  I had removed the sleeves from all the bed quilts after the last show, so I just had to cut them to length, hem the ends and hand stitch them to the tops of my quilts.
I also had to make labels for my cloth bags, required by the show, for each quilt.  Since I sell a couple of the show quilts each year, my collection of bags has been shrinking.  I'll have to make new ones for the next show!

DH and I have also been visiting all the plant nurseries in the area, as this is our "safe from frost" weekend to get all the tender plants in the ground and/or pots.  I have 2 tomato plants in the garden, and 2 grape tomato plants in pots.  I use most of the pots for herbs, especially basil, rosemary and parsley.  We are not supposed to plant veggies in our small area of the condo, but I sneak them in among the flowers!

Hope everyone had a fun and successful week reducing their stash.  Check it out at Judy's blog - Patchwork Times


  1. Beautiful quilts, good luck in the show.

  2. Beautiful quilts; I especially like the top quilt!

  3. Your quilts are wonderful. I especially love the first one -- colors and dramatic look are very appealing.


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