Tuesday, June 21, 2011


I'll be sharing information about my guild's next show from time to time.  This is the first draft of our info poster.    We are in a new location this time, which requires that our group make or buy around 100 quilt stands!  The executive meeting was full of information about stands, with pictures of them from lots of different quilt shows.  We will be able to borrow/rent stands from a couple of guilds, but the plan is to manufacture 100 stands before next June!

Our previous location, Kingston's Olympic Harbor Site,  had an open framework of metal beams across the ceiling, so we used metal rods and wire to hang almost all the quilts.  It required two scaffolds, with people willing to spend their time high in the air!

For our last show in 2008, my family photographed every quilt in the show, then produced a CD available during the show, which included a file with all the "artist statements".  Our program has only the quilt number, name, and quilter's name listed.  We sold almost 300 CD's for $5 each, so I'll be repeating the process for this show as well.

Last time, we didn't begin photography until 11am, and finished at 6:30.  Then we began the editing, with my son and myself working; I began at the top of the file and my son at the bottom, and around 3:30am we discovered that we had met in the middle!  DH then got up and began burning CD's on our two computers, and continued to do so for the whole length of the show.  

This time, I plan to take a computer to the venue on set-up day, and begin editing the photos as they are taken.  This way we will eliminate blurry pictures etc., and hopefully will be finished a bit earlier!  We also plan to have more people on the photography team - it went much faster with some extra hands to hold quilts square at the bottom, and even to hold back quilts so the photographer can get a good angle for the shot.  I'm hoping this will make the process smoother next time!

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