Monday, June 13, 2011


My design wall hasn't been very inspiring lately.  I have been busy helping DS2 pack for his upcoming move, gardening and machine quilting for my guild's community quilts program.  My only other work is to do some applique on the "Pushin' Up Spring" blocks.  I finished block 4 this week....
Pushin' Up Spring Block 4

 Back to quilting and packing - I alternate between the two, helping DH2 make an inventory of all his stuff, both for insurance purposes, and to share the files with his fiancee, so they can see what they still need to set up house.


  1. The applique work is a nice contrast to the scrappiness of the piecing in the outside edges of the block.

  2. Pretty and scrappy--lots of nice elements here. Good luck to your son on his big move.

  3. I like your block but I so understand having so many things get in the way of sewing/quilting. This has been my life recently and I have been working to change that so I can get back to the studio, and be alone with my machines.


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