Saturday, June 25, 2011


Since we have "time of use billing" for our electricity, weekends, which are charged at the lowest rate, have become the baking/laundry days each week.
So far today DS2 & I have made a dozen bran with raisin muffins, a dozen orange blueberry muffins, 

a sour cream coffee cake, 

and a pound cake, which is currently baking.  DS2 plans to make a large pan of turtle bars after the pound cake is finished.

I noticed that my basil was getting a bit leggy, and a few stems were trying to bloom, so I harvested 3 packed cups of leaves, and made some fresh pesto - looking forward to dinnertime!  I use a recipe that I saw on TV, with the basil and parsley being blanched for 15 seconds, then chilled in ice water before processing.  It keeps the bright green colour and doesn't affect the taste at all.  Later in the season, I'll freeze some for use over the winter. 

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  1. I'd sure like to know how you make your pesto. Can you direct me to your recipe.....the one you got from the TV? I love the vivid color....looks so appetizing.


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