Monday, June 20, 2011


I have 2 blocks to show today, blocks 5 and 6 of "Pushin' Up Spring".  I've enjoyed choosing the flower colours for each block, trying to use different fabrics, to keep them scrappy to go with the borders of each block.  I am using the same 2 greens in each, to make the blocks "belong" to each other!
 Back to more packing for DS2.  We work around his schedule, as he is trying to finish an internship to finalize a course he took last summer.  This will make him more marketable in his chosen field.  He's been making noises about returning to school part-time, but I hope he doesn't take on too much right away.  Moving, moving in with a fiancee, finding a job in a new city, are all huge stressors, and we want his future to be successful.  I guess all we can do is be supportive.........

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  1. Love your colors. Sounds like your son is ambitious and smart about it. It's tough in the business world these days. I wish him (and you!) luck!

  2. I love those happy blocks, Susan! Best of luck to you and your son as he embarks on this new phase of his life.

  3. Beautiful flowers and love your blocks! Best of luck with whatever your son decides to do.

  4. Gorgeous flower blocks! You've mixed your darks and lights and brights so well.

    Hope your son continues in his progress and does wait before taking on another life-changing project before he settles in!

  5. Your blocks are gorgeous! I especially love the top one. I love daisy type flowers.

  6. Boy! I have to say once again "Proficient Needle" is a title that truly suits you. Beautiful work. Toni


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