Monday, June 6, 2011


Pushin' Up Spring Block 3
I have finished block 3 of Pushin' Up Spring, but I don't like my choice of fabric for the petals.....  I plan to add some thread embroidery embellishments to all the appliques, so I'll wait until the rest of the blocks are complete before I decide whether to replace the petals, or just live with them.....
I've been washing a lot of kitchen items over the past couple of days.  Items that looked clean when packed 3 years ago, are showing their grimy spots after 3 years in a hot/freezing garage.  Since we are making an inventory for DS2's move, we decided to clean everything that needed it so they don't have to do it while unpacking.
Now off to prepare block 4 for applique.  I love the "back basting" method of applique, but don't use it exclusively.  My method depends on the final use of the item - I still do satin stitch applique on fused fabric, from time to time, as well as "invisible applique by machine" using monofilament thread and a tiny blind hem stitch.
I also hope to get one of my waiting quilt tops basted tomorrow, before finishing another baby quilt for my guild's community quilts group.
Check out what others have designed this week at Judy's blog.


  1. It's very pretty. I like the petals. I think it gives it them little something extra.

  2. I agree with greenduckie13. The petals look nice, but it's you who needs to be happy...right? Audition it with the first two blocks and maybe you'll have some inspiration to make it work as you select fabrics for block four. I've got a friend looking for different applique techniques. Haven't heard before "back basting". I'll be mentioning it to her. Sandi

  3. Cute block! I haven't heard of this pattern--will have to look it up. I'm with you on methods for applique but lately I've really gotten into the freezer paper/starch method and am afraid I've become obsessed!

  4. This block is beautiful! I think once you get all the blocks together it will look great!!!


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