Monday, April 14, 2014


My sewing room is slowly getting back up to speed after returning north.  We've just finished doing our income taxes for this year - always a stressful time.

I needed something to stitch while things were in limbo, so I turned to Red Brolly's "Girls Own Stitching Club" project called Le Jardin.  
I prepared the first 4 blocks and started stitching with a bag of leftover embroidery thread scraps from cross stitch projects.

When we arrived home, I chose a light gray print for the applique pieces required for the next 5 blocks, using the "other side" of the fabric, to make it appear more muted.

 This is a great project to use various embroidery stitches.  Some are so rarely used, and I like being a bit challenged.
There are instructions included for all the stitches!

I'm enjoying some of the whimsical details from the designer's imagination.

Two more blocks to go......
Then I can assemble the blocks into a lovely spring-summer wall hanging.

Check out the creativity shared at Judy's blog, Patchwork Times.


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