Tuesday, April 1, 2014


I'm looking forward to returning home soon, seeing family and friends, etc., BUT - I can't seem to stop quilting!

My hexagon quilt is about half quilted, and this afternoon, DH and I pin-basted 2 more quilts - one about twin size, and the other a bit smaller.  I had the backing prepared, and thought it would be easier to use the large tables in our clubhouse.

Tomorrow is my last day with the quilting group, but the hall is booked until the end of the month.  There are always a few trying to finish the last bit of their quilt projects.  When I get home, I'll have to start packing up my sewing room - I've just been regrouping items, trimming scraps into usable sizes, measuring leftover batting etc.  Our final few meals are interesting, trying to use up most of the food in the house.  Our left-overs will be passed along to neighbours, and finally get shared with some of the full-time residents.

The beds in our guest room are beginning to be piled with items that need to be packed.  The totes are lined up, ready to be loaded.  Once I start packing, it will all disappear quickly, then it is up to DH to fit everything in the van.  This year he has more equipment than ever before - golf clubs, 3 guitars in cases and 3 amplifiers, music and guitar stands, etc., etc., etc.  For the first time ever, I think his items are more bulky than mine!!!!!

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