Friday, April 25, 2014


I always have difficulty taking pictures of larger quilts, so I wait until my 2 tall sons arrive for a visit. 
The first picture is "Chocolate, Strawberry and Vanilla Oh My!" which was completed in January.
They did a good job, struggling with a few wind gusts!  Good thing we have tall sons!  The next quilt is "Row by Row" completed more recently, in April, but started a year + ago!
 I also added pictures of these quilts to my Quilts 2014 page, but without my two wonderful sons.  I would like to invest in a portable quilt stand, some lights and a good tripod, so I could take better pictures of my quilts and others, in a more controlled way.  I'd still have to find somewhere to set everything up - not always easy in a small townhouse!


  1. that is the main problem with large quilts - I have no space in my house to really take a good photo either. Times like that would come in handy to have a couple tall sons visit - I have none!

  2. Booth quilts are so wonderful.

  3. Lovely,Susan -- especially Chocolate, Strawberry and Vanilla. 😊


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