Sunday, February 2, 2014


Fabric used this week  5.75 yards
Fabric used year to date  50.75 yards
Fabric added this week  9 yards
Fabric added year to date  9 yards
Net used 2014  41.75 yards 

My trip to the Suwannee Valley Quilt Shoppe on Wednesday was fun.  I helped a couple of people choose fabric for their projects, and even got some for mine!
These two will be used in my embroidered project, A Long Time Ago in Bethlehem.
I am always attracted to diagonal stripes, and these 3 had to come home with me.  They make wonderful bindings!
Of course, this wonderful striped fabric caught my eye - the colours are so rich,with the metallic gold accents!

 We are going to our neighbours' home for a superbowl party later today.  I have no interest in football, but when I tried to stay home one year, Mrs. neighbour visited me every half hour, bringing food and snacks, and I didn't get anything done!
I still don't have a full picture of my Chocolate, Strawberry and Vanilla quilt, but did take one on our bed....
Our home is tiny, and it is difficult to step far enough away to take a good picture.  I'll try to get DH and a friend to hold the quilt for a proper picture soon.....
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  1. Enjoy your party. Your CS&V quilt is just beautiful. I also like to find diagonal for bindings, no need to cut bias strips.

  2. Seeing yours in pink and brown has got me thinking about my blue/brown fallback. I have until March to make a final decision and since I have an aversion do doing things like the picture, I may come up with another scheme. Your new fabrics are supe!

  3. Your chocolate, strawberry quilt is stunning. More than 50 yards used and it's only January -- WOW I'm impressed.


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