Monday, February 3, 2014


I almost forgot to post!  I was busy completing the quilting and stitching on the binding of the final baby quilt that I'll be making for a while.  I donate most of them to my guild's community quilts program, to be donated in our community and many other places as well.
 I pick up panels whenever I find ones that I like and are on sale!  The yard size ones are becoming more scarce as most of the manufacturers are make panels only 24 inches wide by the width of the fabric.  I often pick them up from clearance sales, so the chance of finding the coordinates is slim to non.  I still have a small collection to work on, and find them wonderful to flex my free-motion machine quilting muscles before starting a new project!  The third in the group will have its binding stitched while watching TV with DH tonight.
I think I really have to figure out how to finish my hexagon project.  I like to add a straight border to the outside edges, and machine applique the hexagons to the border.  I only have small amount of the dark burgundy fabric I used as a hexagon border in the project, so I may only be able to make a narrow straight border, then decide how to finish the edge.....  Our southern weather has been strange this year, and we went from a high of 39F a couple of days ago, to 89F today.  My sewing room was comfortable this morning, but is mighty hot this afternoon, even with breezes and a ceiling fan - too hot to think clearly for a northern girl like me!
Maybe I'll square up my embroidered Christmas blocks and get them ready for sashing etc!
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