Friday, August 23, 2013


This is the top row of large flower blocks, just set in place.  They still need to be attached, and the "border" hexagons added to each side.
This is the bottom row of large blocks.
I have few choices of places to photograph the unfinished project.  My current design wall is too small, and the light that comes in the patio door always seems to wash out the colours!
Here is the top so far.  I have many evening's sewing to get these attached!  There will be two more rows of small flower units to be added along with more border hexagons (they are dark burgundy, but appear almost black in all the pictures).  Then I'll be ready to make the side and top and bottom border units.


  1. Susan, this quilt is lovely! I'm not usually terribly fond of hexagon quilts, but this one could change my mind. :)

    1. I was someone who swore to never make a hexagon quilt! This is my second large project. I've been having fun using leftover fabric for the coloured areas, as well as two of the background fabrics. I picked up the light blue background and the burgundy border fabrics, but the rest has come from my stash! This one called to me because of the variety of shapes used - making just small flowers can be tedious!

  2. This is such a lovely quilt Susan! You should be very proud of all the time and effort that you have put into this quilt...I love the pattern that you are using with all the different elements of a hexi that can be used...this quilt would inspire anyone to make one...great job.

  3. are almost finished! Looks wonderful! My hands are sore from just doing a couple of hexie stars. I can't imagine doing this many.

  4. That's an amazing project. Thanks for sharing the photos. I sympathize with your photography issues!

  5. this is a wonderful quilt - are you making it up as you go or do you have a pattern you are following? I think this is a keeper for sure :)

  6. This is fabulous, Susan. I love how it is finishing, and thanks for linking to Hexie Friday. I love eye candy.


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