Friday, August 16, 2013


I'm late posting today.  DH and I made a trip to Watertown NY this morning.  I was hunting for a birthday gift for SDIL1, and couldn't find anything around town, so a quick trip south of the border solved the problem.  Soup, salad and breadsticks lunch didn't hurt either!
I've managed to make 11 of the 16 large flower blocks!  A sore knee that needs rest and ice certainly helps, but not with all the other chores, gardening and sewing that keeps staring at me!  These take 24 coloured hexagons for each, along with 22 background and one "mauve center" hexagon.  They seem huge next to some of the other designs.  Now I'm off to cut more background squares - I seem to run out every other day! 


  1. Love your large flowers. Hope the knee feels better soon.

  2. I'm finding hexies help with knee rehabilitation. It keeps my sanity when I'm sitting with the ice bag thinking of all the chores I feel guilty for not doing. Hope you heal quickly!

  3. These are nice...I love working on hexies, but this week was a no hexi week as we were gone..

  4. I just really really love these large flowers.


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