Friday, August 2, 2013


Not too much progress this week.  We were on a road trip, and I decided to enjoy the summer scenery instead of stitching.  I knew we'd be very busy once we arrived at our friends' home.

The stack on the left is made of duplicates from the remade blocks.  The centre stack has 16 and the right stack has 13.  Only 3 more to go to attach the next two rows!!!!

We attended our Godson, Liam's graduation parade for his two weeks at sea cadet camp.  His dad and middle sister were also able to attend, and took him home afterward.  We had a nice visit and went to lunch together before they headed out.  His sister was able to attend the same camp several years ago, and had returned to be on "staff" her final year, staying for all the sessions.  The cadets receive "pay" for their time on duty as well....


  1. Looks like a big stack of hexies to me. More than I have for sure.

  2. Beautiful stack of hexies...enjoy your vacation...

  3. Those are lovely stacks - you'll have that quilt finished before I have three blocks done of mine! Thanks for linking to Hexie Friday.

  4. Isn't it good to look at a stack of hexie flowers like this?


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