Sunday, August 26, 2012


Used this week  20 yards
Used year to date  160.125 yards
Added this week  9 yards
Added year to date  121.875 yards
Net used 2012  38.25 yards

My 20 yards used was really 20 yards donated - I had a 20 yard bolt of baby Elmo fabric that I picked up at a church garage sale for a few dollars.  Thought the community quilts group at my guild could use it for backings.....

I ordered a book for a pattern to make a birthday quilt for my Godson.  Of course, I had to add some clearance fabric to the order, so 5 yards of "neutrals" jumped into the parcel!

On Tuesday, DH headed to our local quilt/sewing machine shop to pick up a bottle of machine oil with a zoom spout for DDIL1.  While he was there, he saw a cute Noah's Ark panel, as well as a few other things I might like, so after my doctor's appointment, he chauffeured me to the quilt show.  I picked up the panel, along with a robot panel and a Hallowe'en panel, as well as the coordinating stripe for the Ark fabric, and a stripe for the binding, to the tune of 4 more yards!

Check out all the other stash reports for this week at Judy's blog.

I'd show a picture of the fabrics, but they are all in the wash.....


  1. Such a sweet husband and he knows what you like! Panels make such fun and easy baby quilts.

  2. You are still in the black, so even with all the incoming, it's not a bad week.

  3. LOL - you can never have to many neutrals!


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