Thursday, August 9, 2012


I've always admired the "triangle twist" quilt design.  I found a lesson on drawing the block in Electric Quilt a few years ago and put it in my "to do" list.  After finding the perfect gradated fabrics, I knew that it was time.
I drew the two different blocks last winter, but wanted to wait until we returned north to print all the sheets for paper piecing (I prefer to print these on the laser printer).  One block is for paper piecing, and the other is used to design the layout.
Since all my other projects were caught up, I decided that now is the time!
 These are the first few blocks.  I pre-measured all the sections and made a list of the size strips that are required in each position.  I'm cutting the colours as I go.  I just cut the red pieces, as the next block has brown, gold and red.  Once I figure which colour goes where in the block, I write the colour on the printed side of the paper, to make sure that I don't have to do much "unsewing", always a challenge when paper piecing.  I'm not looking forward to removing the paper, but hopefully that will be TV watching work.
I've been finishing 2-3 blocks each day.  My next challenge will be to figure out how to use the leftover fabric to make an equally fabulous border.  Maybe I'll come up with an idea or two while making the drive the the Kitchener area and back this weekend......


  1. Wow! That's gorgeous, Susan!

  2. Now, that's cool. I love paper piecing play with geometrics like this.

  3. Those are fabulous! It will be beautiful with a bunch of colors yet to go. I'll be watching.

  4. These are really beautiful. Can't wait to see more


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