Monday, August 13, 2012


Since we took two days off this week to attend a quilt show and visit DS2 and DDIL, this is my progress on the triangle twist this week.  Its exciting to start adding another colour!  I'm taking my time with this project - since the pieces are so small, and I want to be accurate with my paper piecing, I only work on it for a short time.  I am getting some housework caught up, so its not all a bad thing.

Check out the creativity at Judy's blog..... 

The International Plowing Match Quilt Show in New Dundee Ontario was lovely.  They had about 100 quilts displayed, with a few vendors, a silent auction and a tea room with the best scones, hand made at the venue!  
There were quilts in many categories, and all had been judged.  I liked the judges comments that were typed and added to the back of each artist statement.  It was interesting to see why an absolutely beautiful quilt didn't win a prize.  It will also be helpful for the quilters to improve the areas that need it.  There were also good comments on each quilt, highlighting the parts that the judges loved.
This was the display that greeted us at the entrance to the show.  I just loved the quilt - tiny nine-patches!

There were aprons on display, and a lovely display of 4H quilts, using "Take 5" patterns.  They are required to select 5 fabrics in 5 minutes and create the quilt top in 5 hours!  They all did a great job!

This butterfly quilt, with huge butterflies of every hue, was not judged, but will be in the local quilt show in the fall.  It was made to celebrate an anniversary - the gold ring.

There was beautiful long-arm quilting that accented all the vines and leaves, as well as the background.

More later.


  1. Beautiful pictures. I especially like the quilt on the table with the sewing machines. I tried to make it larger to see the detail, but it would not increase in size. Looks like a wonderful show.

  2. I think I saw the butterfly quilt at a quilt show but I can't think where. I went to Kitchener in 2011 but I can't seem to remember if that's where I saw it. Oh well, it's a beautiful quilt anyway you look at it. I just looked through all my pictures and I can't find it. Crap, now it's got me really thinking where I saw it. Don't you hate that!

  3. You triangle twist will be beautiful. I have wanted to do this quilt for 10 years. Maybe soon...
    Jane in KS

  4. Your paper piecing is beautiful! What a neat butterfly quilt at the quilt show!

  5. I am impressed with your triangle twist. I keep looking at the book and then putting it down.

    1. I've never seen the "book". I had admired the pictures of the quilt that I had seen on the net, and found instructions for drawing the complex design using Electric Quilt software. Then I chose the layout to use the colours of fabric that I found.
      I just cut into the last colour - green, so the end of the paper piecing is in sight. I just have to figure out a border to set the whole thing off!


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