Monday, August 27, 2012


I've been working away at the Red Brolly Christmas Wish quilt.  I've enjoyed doing the hand embroidery and the hand applique.  I still have to add some gold beads to the Christmas tree!

The third section looks strange, because I decided to use red sequins with bead centres instead of stitching the satin stitch berries.  I'll add all the embellishments once the top is completed and has a good press!  
I don't like this picture - it was taken with our old digital camera, while the one above was taken with the new one.  I'm always surprised at what a difference it makes.  I tried to adjust the colours, but only made it look worse!  The dark fabric in the checkerboard area is actually blue, and the stripes above and below the angel are more gold than green.....

I can't wait for the next step in the pattern.
I've also chosen a pieced border for the triangle twist quilt, but it will be a while in the making - lots of curved piecing!

Check out all the creativity this week at Judy's blog.

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  1. Beautiful! I really like all the fabric choices you've made. What a happy quilt this will be!


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