Monday, August 6, 2012


I'm finally starting a new project - one that has been in my mind for many years.  I needed 6 gradated shades of several colours, but for the longest time, I could only find what I wanted in hand dyed fabrics.  Then a couple of years ago, I found these fabrics on sale.  They are from P&B Textiles, and called Nuances.  Each fabric has 6 gradated shades across the width of the fabric, in 7 inch stripes.  I bought every colour I could find!  Now to start the project.  It will be paper pieced, so I think I'll have to find another project to work on at the same time - my patience for paper piecing just takes me so far.....
I have also added my finished redwork quilt to my "Quilts 2012" page.
Check out all the inspiration on Judy's blog here.


  1. These fabrics are delicious! That's why I started dyeing my own!

  2. ohhh they finally got smart and came up with useful fabrics! And yes that's why I dye most of my fabric now too!


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