Saturday, August 25, 2012


As a break from paper piecing, I've been working on the Red Brolly "Christmas Wish" quilt.

Since I make redwork quilts all the time, I decided to go "non-traditional" with this project, and dip into my vast collection of Christmas fabrics.  
I hand appliqued the hearts, but used the fusible method with machine buttonhole stitch edges for the reindeer. 

I'll be adding the buttons on Santa's coat after the top is completed.  I like to give the whole top a good press before I layer it for quilting, so I don't want the embellishments to get in the way or get damaged.

I've been enjoying the time spent pulling fabrics, and knowing that more of my Christmas fabric is being used......

The next section is waiting for assembly, and the third section still awaits its two appliqued heart sections.

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  1. I love the colors you're putting together for this, bringing it out of only reds and whites


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