Tuesday, August 14, 2012


There were many paper pieced quilts in the show.  
As per usual, it was difficult to photograph the quilts due to the lighting and the configuration of  the stands.

This quilt had five medallions, each in a different set of colours.  The quilting was done with gold metallic thread in the bobbin, so the back was interesting as well.  The critique from the judge suggested more "showy" quilting in the negative spaces.

Butterflies seemed to be everywhere, including these.....

This quilt was stunning in person.  The piecing was very precise - no lopped off points!  It was my favourite in the show.
 Another wonderful medallion quilt.

This one used the "Shattered Angles" book by Susan Purney Mark.  It was a great way to add accents of colour to a black and white quilt!

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  1. Wow - there are some stunners there. Sometimes the judge comments really crack me up.


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