Tuesday, June 24, 2014


When I try to read my blog list, it only shows one, and the "view more" bar doesn't work!!!

I've sent a message to Google, but haven't heard anything, and this is the beginning of the third day of missing everyones' posts!!!

I didn't change anything to make this happen, but I hope the problem is solved soon.


  1. Mine is doing the same thing. Your post is the only one I can see. Glad to know it isnt just me.
    :) Loree

  2. Susan I am having the same problem. Hopefully Blogger will get it worked out. One thing I found is my list to manage my Reader is FINALLY working!!! I've had several OLD blogs that are on my list. I wanted to clean it up and never was able to open it. Well now it works :-)

  3. Me too , i sent them a message. Hope they are not doing away with it. I read it every day. Some blogs that is the only way you can follow


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