Monday, June 23, 2014


This is community quilt number 3 of 4.  There was a 
"stack n whack" workshop over the winter, and this is one of the quilts that was completed.

The purple backing is flannel, so this should be a cuddly quilt when completed.

My brother and his wife are visiting from China, and are coming to stay for a couple of days this week.  She wants to learn how to make bread, so that will be Wednesday's project.  We love to have them visit, and wish we could see them more often.  They are busy when they come to Canada, visiting lots of friends and relatives.  They arrived just in time for the family reunion a couple of weeks ago, too!  They have a 2-year old granddaughter that they also love to spend time with during their visit.  She was one of the few "little" girls at the reunion, trying to play with all the rowdy boys!

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