Tuesday, June 10, 2014


I'm working on the machine pieced hexagon project today.  I can't believe how long it takes.....
(pattern available here )

These are my fabric choices.  The dark fabric at the bottom left is actually a dark green with pin dots, used in the wall area.  The left row also has the window and window frame fabric and all the floor fabric.  The middle row has the vase fabric (bottom 3), then the leaf fabrics, and of course, the rest are for use in the hydrangea petals.
I've been removing paper as I go, and usually only work on one hexagon at a time.  I considered piecing them all, but even though the pattern is very well labelled, I didn't want to make a mistake when piecing.  After looking at the original photo, I decided to mark all the "table" pieces with the wood grain going in the same direction.  I don't know if it will make a difference in the finished quilt, but I'm enjoying the challenge.  I also decided how I want to press the seam allowances so it will lay flat when completed.  I'll probably be adding some thread painting and of course machine quilting when it is complete, so I want the surface to be as smooth as possible.

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