Friday, December 20, 2013


It looks like I'll finish the top of my hexagon quilt before Christmas!  I just checked my file of photos, and my first picture, showing the beginning of the middle row, was on April 16th.  I began cutting squares for basting just before heading north, at the beginning of April, so I'll have completed the top in 9 months of "spare" time!
All the pieces for the next motif are basted, and partly sewn together, so with luck, I'll finish tonight!  Now what will I do next?

I took my camera to my Wednesday quilt group, but discovered both sets of batteries were dead, so no pictures of the flurry of quilting worker bees making disappearing 9-patch blocks!  Some cut 5 inch squares, others placed them into blocks, 3 were sewing, others pressed the seams, 2 of us cut the blocks apart, and then they were placed into their new blocks to be sewn.  By the end of the 4 hours (with a short break for lunch), we had 3 quilt tops assembled, and enough pieces to make 1 more.  Two of the tops went home with others to be finished.  One came home with me, and I cut and prepared the binding for it - hopefully someone will volunteer to quilt it!
Now I have to get serious about my Christmas baking.  I'm making mincemeat tarts, large and small today, and a coco-krispie roll - chocolate and peanut butter - a favourite with our neighbours' grandchildren, who begin to arrive on Sunday!


  1. I have to see all of it soon. I just love it!

  2. Wow, just 9 months - wish I could say that, Susan. It's beautiful.


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