Thursday, December 12, 2013


My southern quilting group shrinks this time of year - people get busy with holidays, visitors, travel etc.  Yesterday, one member of the group brought a gift to share.  She sorted through her stash, and filled a bin with fabrics that she decided she wouldn't use.  There were many pieces of a couple of yards or more, down to some strips and squares leftover from previous projects.
The ladies had fun, sorting through all the treasures.  We saved some to make baby quilts for a local charity - a group is having a luncheon for them on January 19th, so we plan to spend the next few weeks working on baby quilts!
The old saying "One person's trash is another's treasure", is certainly true when in reference to fabric!  I'll be posting pictures of some of the finished projects over the next month!

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  1. Quilting is fun. You can also develop your creativity in doing it plus you are also doing charity out of it which is very great. I hope I can join you guys. Can't wait for your project photos!

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