Monday, December 2, 2013


I've been busy working on my brown, pink and white blocks.  I completed the 36 star blocks needed for my quilt, and I've been working on the 36 alternate blocks, to complete the quilt top.
I have one more round to add.  I have the white squares added to one end of the pink strips, but I'll start today by adding a square to the other end.  Then it will be easy to attach the brown strips, then the pinks ones, and give them all a good press.  I've been trying to use different strips in each position, but discovered one that has the same fabric next to each other.  I decided to leave it, and I'll see how many people ever notice!
We went to the Disney area last night to meet our daughter-in-law's sister, her boyfriend, and all his family!  We had a great time, getting to know a bit about everyone.  His mother works in stained glass, and had some pictures of a wonderful window she is making for their home in Maine.

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  1. Looking forward to seeing the quilt put together. I know it will be beautiful.


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